The Secret to Building your Business in your PJ’s

Do you want to know how the leaders are building their businesses from their PJ’s?

Are you tired of racing from appointment to appointment? Imagine never having to be stood up at a coffee date ever again and just think how much time you will get back 💃

In this 🎥Episode I share #4 Secrets to building your business in your PJ’s

If this is the 1st time you are reading my blog, I want to say Welcome and thank you for popping in, I’m excited to have you hear Rockstar.

A little bit about me….
I help women build an online brand, raise their social game to explode their online business without sacrificing time with their family.

✨As you get to the end of this Episode you are going to know exactly what you need to do each day to build your business in your PJ’s ✨
But before we get in to it, you need to know….. I haven’t just read this in a book and delivering it straight to you! I use these methods daily in my business to grow it globally 🌍

Do you want to know what types of business you can build from your PJ’s?

Where to start when looking for a Business you can Build from Home?

Look I haven’t always had a business that could be built in my PJ’s from home! Since 2005 my hubby, Russ, and I have owned an Automotive repair shop. We built it from a little quirky business into the successful, well known business it is today and we did that by actually being in the business. At the start we would put in each no less than 80-100 hours a week and it was gruelling but so worth it now as we sit back and reflect, we have created something that continues to grow without the 80-100 hours a week. As rewarding as it is, we want what most people want- which is flexibility and a bricks and mortar business unfortunately doesn’t give us that.

I do have to say though that there is a need for all different business models. I am extremely proud of what we have created & grateful for the lessons we’ve learnt along the way as I have been able to adjust them and implement in the online world.

Maybe you are tuning in because you already have an online business and you want to scale it or I have piqued your curiosity… either is cool.

If you are anything like me, you’ve found yourself wondering if there is a better way? Or maybe found yourself thinking, do those businesses even work?

The answer is YES & YES!

As with anything, it works if you work it…. whether your goal is to earn some pocket money in your PJ’s or earn a 6 figure income in your PJ’s, implement these Strategies into your day and you can achieve it!

Strategy #1 – Find your Vehicle!

If you don’t already have the vehicle (the business) that gives you the flexibility to build from your home (in your PJ’s) now is the time to find it! The most common businesses are:

  • Network Marketing
  • Direct Selling
  • Affiliate
  • Online Courses
  • other Funnels
  • Coaching

Maybe you are already apart of a business that you can build online but it isn’t your forever home, then it’s time to do your research and find it, don’t quit on yourself because you haven’t found a fit yet..

PS: If you are looking for a business that could be the perfect fit for you, shoot me an email to find out a little more about what I do or connect with me on Facebook

Strategy #2 – Pick your Social Media Platform of Choice!

There are 2 different ideas when it comes to picking your platform of choice.

The 1st is that you pick just one platform that will be your focus, your goal is to run it like a boss and know all the ins and outs that ensure you are operating it affectively.

The 2nd idea is that you pick a range of platforms that you want to use. This method is all about getting your face and your business out everywhere… making you completely visible. The beauty of this is that often you will have different friends across each different platform and therefore giving you a wider reach.

The only thing I am going to say here, is it is entirely up to you and honestly it comes down to how much time you have available to spend on your business… Lastly , don’t do any of it half assed as you will be wasting precious business building time with ineffective activity.

If you are going to pick just one platform my pick would be Facebook as it has so many different components to it.

Strategy #3 – Brand Yourself

This is POWERFUL when we do it right.

To be able to grow your business you need to build real relationships with your friends! People buy from those they know, like and trust. In order to achieve that outcome your Social Media should be branded as YOU, not as your Company. Let’s get this all ironed out….

Your Brand is your Mission, your Values, your Passions, your Vibe, your Value that you can bring to the world.

What your Brand is not, is a walking billboard for your company, sales and promo graphics.

Social Media is a place that you can be social, build authentic relationship with people all around the globe, a place to add value to your community & a place to share.

Your friends aren’t coming onto Social to be sold too but they are always in a mood to buy, under the right circumstances. Use the platforms to build the – like, know & trust, remember this goes both ways.

Strategy #4 – Daily To-Do’s

What we do daily matters in our business, but getting through the To’Do’s in our PJ’s just makes it so much more enjoyable 😜

So what does a day look like when building your business from home?

  • Be Social: comment on other peoples posts, watch their stories, engage in their polls, have conversations in the Messenger, watch their FB Live’s, be active in groups …. most importantly, don’t stalk.
  • Wish them Happy Birthday: yes you can get the list off your FB, send them a video, ask them what they got up to on their special day
  • Share Memories: Yep you can see your Memories, why not share them with people that are in those memories ‘Remember when we went to xxx’ or ‘Oh the good old days’
  • Have Conversations: Talk to your friends just like you would face to face however you can do it through Messenger. You can do text, voice or even video
  • Ask Questions: Don’t be the one that is continually talking about themselves, ask your friends questions and actually care how they are

If people like you they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you they’ll do business with you- Zig Ziglar

Social Media is the perfect place to be raw, real and relatable, to build life long relationships and to build your business. But it requires work, it requires consistently showing up and it requires you to be social. So why not have some fun?!?!?

Bonus Time

🌟I have pulled all of this together for you in a printable fun sheet! Download your Getting Social Fun Sheet below

Let’s make magic happen!

Carlee xoxo

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