5 Steps to Solid Commitment!

Let’s have a chat about what commitment looks like when it comes to your business and the success you are so eager to achieve!

Do you have a big dream in your heart? Maybe to ….. launch a new business, re-launch your business, write a book, launch a course or continue to run a a profitable business.

Most of us kick off with a new project extremely excited, thinking of all the fun parts of the project. At the start you have high energy, effervescent attitude and total optimism. That is until life starts to throw you challenges & obstacles, you may say the universe is testing you to see how committed you are to your project!

The sad reality is that most people (but not you) let those challenges and obstacles derail them completely …. seeing them quit on the project that once had them dancing on the ceiling with excitement.

I can imagine there is one part of you thinking ‘How can commitment lead to success?’ or maybe ‘I am committed but success hasn’t come for me’! Commitment is doing to do even when you don’t feel like it, it is doing the tasks daily to achieve outcomes and goals you have set for yourself and it is continuing forwards pivoting and adjusting along the way until you hit the bullseye. Struggle ends where commitment begins

So, let me help you, not only commit to the project that you have wanted to bring to life for what feels like a lifetime but to Decide. Commit. Succeed.

Let’s get the party started………

I have 5 Steps to help you build that Solid Commitment! The commitment that will see you bring your project to life.

#1 Decide

It is decision time, what is the project you are going to bring to life? Did you notice I said ‘the’ not what is the ‘list’ of projects. Why you may ask? If we put too many things on our list guess what, we won’t get any of them done. Also I am not talking about your day-to-day processes in your business or calendar, I am talking about the new business launch, relaunch of an existing business, write a book, launch a website or growth increase in your already profitable business. Now, put pen to paper and jot it down …. PS, if you haven’t already, why not grab your Couch to CEO Game Sheet

#2 What Does It Look Like?

For this step you are going to need a fresh piece of paper! Write down what does this project look like? How are you going to bring your project to life? You may say this is a mind dump…. you are right! If you hit a wall with your ideas why not run it past your Circle of Influence (the people that have your back and are pushing you to win). There is something powerful in putting pen to paper so go with it. 3-2-1- Go!

#3 Map it Out

Map out your implementation, your game plan! It is one thing to be excited at the start and your commitment levels extremely high however it is another story to maintain it. One way to maintain your excitement and commitment levels is to Map Out what needs to be done, the time frames required and completion date. This will see you bring your project to life with excitement, clarity and focus throughout the whole journey. Let’s go… Pen to Paper time

#4 Challenges + Obstacles

This is all about identifying the Challenges and Obstacles that will get in your road whilst you are working your butt off in bringing your project to reality. Have you got a booked holiday in the middle of your plan? What happens if the kids get sick? Kids Sport? What are your options if you need called into work for more hours? Are you challenged with time management? You get my gist! I learned this from Marie Forleo and I found it so powerful that I just had to share it with all of you.

#5 Feeling of Achievement

What will it feel like if you bring your project to life? How will it change your life, how will it change your family’s life if you succeed? I’m guessing it will have a profound impact, one way or another. It could be financial, could be new doors opening, it could be new people coming into your lives, it could be complete fulfilment and of course it could be all of them. So let me ask, is it not worth committing and putting the work in to achieve the success that is waiting for you? I hope the answer is – Hell Yes!!!

There you have it! 5 steps to make your commitment so solid that you aren’t going to waver when the going gets tough or when challenges and obstacles stand between you and the life of your project! Are you ready to commit? Download your CEO Game Plan and move into action taking mode, its time to be committed to your passion!

Let’s make magic happen!

Carlee xoxo

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  1. Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

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