Who is Carlee Webber?

Back in 2015, a business acquaintance invited me to have coffee to discuss a business opportunity and at the time I said YES I will come but in the back of my mind I thought ‘Oh no she is going to try to sell me something’ lol! I went anyway and it wasn’t like that at all …. fast forward through the meeting and I saw an amazing product that I needed & above that though I saw a business that I had NEVER been open to previously! Being serial business owners of successful traditional (bricks and mortar) business I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was only ONE thought in my mind – So I can work a business with thousands of other people working towards the same goals & if I did so and treated it like the multi-million dollar business it could be I can set up not only my family but my friends and their families up forever. To some that sounds like a pipe dream but I understood the business loud and clear and I honestly had nothing to lose… 

So did it all go to plan…. well YES and NO! The YES is we earned a 5 figure income through that company, discovered our love of travel & were able to shut down one of our traditional businesses giving us a little more quality time. The NO is that the particular company we were with then made some not so great business decisions, through that it clashed with our values and we could no longer represent them. 

Honestly though I am so grateful for that experience as we met so many wonderful people, learned skills that we needed to be successful in the industry of NWM, the income but most of all the amazing tribe we were able to work with. 

The exciting thing is that isn’t the end of the story, no bitter taste in my mouth! In mid-2018 we were approached to by one of our mentors and this time I was so READY to not only be successful but to show the world who I really am! This was not only my shot for the success and for the FREEDOM but my families as well. I had and still do have an amazing amount of believers in my corner so it was time to do them proud! And that I have done and Am still doing to this day. In the last 6 months of 2018 I was able to reach a level in the company that earned me more than the previous company, I am in the top 10 people in Australia and top 30 in the world & I have trained on stage with my company but the part I love more than this is building a tribe of people who are ready to take their life to the next level! 


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