How can I balance Mom-life as a GirlBoss?

I want to dive into this because I feel like we as women and as Moms are constantly trying to find the sweet spot…. that spot when you feel like you have the whole balance between being a mom and being a business owner ‘perfect’!

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Girl, let’s get into this! I want to be real with you right now, as neither you or I have time for fake. The struggle is REAL! and I don’t think that we will ever have it altogether. Why? Because we are so stinking hard on ourselves. Let me ask you a question…. Have you had any of these thoughts?

  • Have I spent enough time with the kids today?
  • Have I got enough done in my business?
  • Have I provided my kids with everything they need?
  • OMG there isn’t enough hours in the day!
  • I am constantly chasing my tail!
  • My head is spinning!

Does any of that sounds familiar to you? (or is it just me)

It’s time we put some strategies in place & a way to measure the balance in life! How does that sound to you?

I want to share a story with you

Back in the day when I was the CEO of my bookkeeping business, my boys Tyler and Lincoln were young and to be honest there was no balance just all struggle and I wasn’t coping at all. The reason I was feeling like this was because all I was giving my kids was my left over time and that wasn’t what I signed up for as a mom! I wanted to be a present mom that still provided for her family. I thought that being a business owner would give me flexibility to do that and look I was wrong for a few reasons:

  1. Because that business model didn’t suit the rest of my goals.
  2. Because I was measuring balance by time

So how did that story end? I actually sat down and worked out our goals as family and discovered that the bookkeeping business wasn’t for us and I shut it down. We then discovered the online business world and created an amazing business that we can work around our kids without sacrificing them AND I read a book called ‘High Performance Habits- by Brendon Burchard’ . In the book Brendon explains that we shouldn’t measure balance by time but by the fact that we are feeling the emotional goal we have set for ourselves… for me that emotion was Fulfilment & Joy! Once I understood this, honestly my life changed…

With that said I would love to share some TIPS with you that have helped me a lot through my journey as a GirlBoss & Mumma! Remember though it’s not about balance but about finding your flow and finding what works for you! Once you do that, you will feel in balance.

Here we go.

  1. Map out you’re Diary- Schedule EVERYTHING it sounds like overkill doesn’t it! But as per Brendon ‘if it isn’t scheduled it won’t get done’. So put it in the diary
  2. Set Business hours- where possible, have set hours of business and yes this can be tricky between family, kids, husbands, other businesses and jobs… but in order to make money in business you need to open the doors, even if it is a home based business.
  3. Set up an Office- Look it doesn’t need to be big, but set up your zone and teach your kids and husbands ha ha, that when you are at your desk you are working.
  4. Self Care- Self care is a must! don’t neglect yourself by pouring into everyone and everything else. If your bucket is empty you will have nothing to give to your kids or your business
  5. PowerHour- Set out a power hour, this is the time you can smash out some of your Battle Plan swiftly and effectively without sacrificing fun. You may need to move your time around throughout the day for the days you are on holidays…. that’s okay, as long as you do it!
  6. Find the Feeling- What is your feeling goal? Once you know this, you can then measure your flow and balance in life. Is it Joy, Fulfilment, Happiness, Stress-free … what is it for you?

TODAY is the day, to find your flow! The question is, are you ready to make the shift required. There are going to be some growing pains but I can assure you, that the growing pain is far less than the pain you feel on a daily basis if you continue with the Mom – GirlBoss juggle struggle!

Give yourself, your business and your family the time! Pivot and life will flow beautifully.

Carlee xoxo

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