How to Rock Being your Own Boss!

In this episode, I am going to give you 10 strategies that are going to help you Rock being your own Boss! Let me ask you-

Are you tired of struggling in your business? Or maybe you feel like you are crawling in business, when you want to be running?

The sad reality in business is that 30% will fail within the first 12 months, and 50% within the first 5 years! So that means only 20% of businesses will succeed long term …… The good news is that, you don’t need to fall into these stats, this is when you as the Boss, as the entrepreneur to pave our way to success!

In my previous life as a Bookkeeper I witnessed these stats first hand! (Which is why I decided to move out of that industry… it was way too depressing). Within my bookkeeping business we had the pleasure of crunching the numbers for over 70 clients across many different industries, some were extremely successful whilst others were not, most of the time it came down to a few reasons- lack of knowledge and not running the business like a business with the only option being to succeed. Naturally there are many other reasons why businesses fail but a lot of them point back to these 2.

So, let’s boss up, let’s take the reins of our business and play to WIN!

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves? AWESOME, because I have 10 Strategies that are going to get your into Boss Mode!

  1. Commit- Commit to Win! When you start your own business its vital to commit to win, if you are heading into your new venture with an attitude of ‘I’ll give it 6 months’ you are guaranteed to fail epically. 
  2. Set a Productive Schedule- It is one thing to set a schedule it is another thing to set a Productive Schedule, it is pointless mapping out your work hours in times that you are the least productive.
  3. Daily Focus- What tasks are you focusing on daily? You will always have set tasks that won’t change each day and then on different days you will have other tasks.. The night before, write down your daily focus, this will give you clarity and direction … clear your mind!  
  4. Map out your Business Plan- As the quote goes, ‘A goal without a plan is just a wish’ …. It’s not about writing multiple pages … quality over quantity is best. So what do you need to include- Why – Goals 30 days. 90 days, 6months, 12 months, 3 years, 5 years – Marketing – KPIS’s – Finances – Growth Plan
  5. Seek Training- Don’t be afraid to look for someone that has the knowledge you need to acquire and seek their services. this can come in the form of 1-1 coaching, online courses, live events. Yes as entrepreneurs we often want to pave our own path, however why drown in confusion or drown in figuring everything out when you can be guided by someone that has already done it. How to find that person, course etc – Google your topic, get a names list, google them individually, see that they are actually doing the do and not just tell others to do it, testimonials and lastly, ask to have a chat with them about there services (if possible) … Don’t let your EGO get in the road of you success
  6. Be outcome driven rather than results- yes you heard me right! Be outcome driven rather than result driven… why? Because you can control what you do however you can’t control how others respond… so focus on the outcome, assess it daily and weekly against your goals and then pivot, adjust to in turn get achieve your goals. 
  7. Leverage Tools- We are really spoilt in this day and age with the technology and tools we have at our finger tips to use on a hourly/daily basis that in turns allows you to do the do better and also potentially save you time and money
  8. Build a Circle of Influence- This is such a powerful piece of the equation! You are the average of the people you hang around so pick wisely! Now that doesn’t mean drop your friends and family that aren’t on the same journey you are on, but it does mean that you need to make sure you have a circle of influence that are on the journey. They will help you push… help you cut through the excuses…  help you believe in yourself and also help you not settle for anything less and guess what they get you they totally understand 
  9. Family Meeting- It’s time for a family meeting! Let them know what you want to achieve, what it is going to take, how they can help you but most of all….. Verbalise with them why this is important and what it will mean for them when you achieve it. Also Map out goals and rewards, let them know the goals and then work out the rewards together. Have weekly rewards that are smaller and then periodical big rewards, like a holiday 
  10. Declaration- you need to declare it! Write it out put it where you work your business, declare it to your bestie and your partner. You may feel silly but STOP! The reason we feel silly is because you often don’t know what the whole staircase looks like… That doesn’t matter. If you meditate, meditate on it too. 

Want more?

Rockstar, you now have the strategies there is just one thing standing between you and Boss Mode. That is implementation!

To help you implement the strategies I have a free PDF that you can print off and work through, DOWNLOAD NOW ➡

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Carlee xoxo

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