How To Stay Focused In The Festive Season!

Are you juggling the fun of the festive season whilst still trying to build your business?

This episode is about ALL things fun & focus!

The one thing that has been super important for me when building my businesses (7 figure turnover in tradition business and a successful network marketing business) is maintaining FOCUS despite the time of the year.

Can I ask you a question GirlBoss? Do you find yourself struggling at this time of year to build your business, to take action or even to slay your daily battle plan (to-do-list)? Or maybe you feel that you can’t possibly fit in all the Fun & Biz!

Raise your Hand Girl! Don’t be Shy! I’ve been there too…..

This time of the year is stressful for many reasons but our business’s don’t need to be the cause of it! Being in a stressful state will stop you completely in your tracks, so lets put some strategies in place to make sure this doesn’t happen to you!

I want to share a story with you

I remember back a few years ago when I had 3 businesses on the go, my focus was going here there and everywhere. It was such a dysfunctional time of my life, I wasn’t very productive and honestly I felt like I was failing in every area of my life… I’m not sure if you can relate or not?!?!? It was then that I thought my time is now to work smarter than harder. It was time to really take a long hard look at where my focus was going and what were the shifts I had to make.

Fast forward I am have been utilising these steps ever since and I can honestly say that my businesses wouldn’t look like they do, they wouldn’t be as successful as they are if I didn’t do so.

So what are these shifts I am talking about?

  1. Keep your goals in front of you- What are your goals for this time frame, what goals did you lay out for the year and you have nearly hit them? Be realistic but also don’t forget to stretch a little.
  2. Work out your Calendar- when do you have events on, what family fun will be taking place, what are you not negiotable’s in your business and family life
  3. Have 2 sets of Target Numbers- What are the income producing activities that you need to do day in day out to achieve your goals? Set up 2 different Target Numbers. The 1st Set is for any normal old day and then the 2nd Set is for the festive days or holidays.
  4. Daily Battle Plan is Key- I have all of my categories on here: personal, kids, business, job and I jot down everything I need to achieve for the day in those categories. This will not only keep you on track but also accountable!
  5. PowerHour- Set out a power hour, this is the time you can smash out some of your Battle Plan swiftly and effectively without sacrificing fun. You may need to move your time around throughout the day for the days you are on holidays…. that’s okay, as long as you do it!
  6. Be Kind to Yourself- It is the season of celebration so be kind to yourself but setting realistic expectations of yourself. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the season

Tis the Season to Celebrate and Enjoy the fun and festivities and guess what you can still achieve your goals at the same time without the massive sacrifice.

TODAY is the day, it’s not too late to take control, to focus on what is important to you, to grow your business and keep growing the momentum your created throughout the year.

Take the time to set up your week, you will be so thankful and so will your business

Here’s Cheers to the Festive Season,

Carlee xoxo

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