My 12 TIPS to help you go from Hobbyist to CEO of your business!

How do you go from Hobbyist to CEO in 2020 when you don’t think you can? You don’t think that you are CEO material?

Firstly, STOP being your biggest critic! There are enough haters in the world without you adding to the squad…. If you believe you CAN you are half way there!

Let’s rewind and talk about The Hobbyist. The Hobbyist, is someone that is in business but has the mindset of ….

  • ‘I’ll have a go’ or
  • ‘I’ll just put in a little effort for a short time and see if I get results’ or
  • ‘I’ll give my business just a little left over time, with no schedule & no structure’

Now lets switch gears and talk about the CEO, The CEO that is in business to win. All they see is success and they are willing to Do-the-Do in order to achieve it.

Can The Hobbyist still be in business? Absolutely, but only a little! Can they still make some money? Absolutely, but only a little! There is a quote (unsure of the author) but ‘If you treat your business like a Hobby it will pay like a Hobby, however if you treat your business like a business then it will pay like a business’.

Are you ready to level up, to switch gears and unleash the inner CEO?

AWESOME! I want to share with you my 12 TIPS to help you make that switch…

  1. Remember your Mission
  2. You are your Brand
  3. Who is your Audience
  4. Add Value to others through various channels
  5. Be focused on Solutions
  6. Be Consistent on a Daily Basis
  7. Have a Support System
  8. Continue to Learn & Grow Daily
  9. Remember Impact 1st then the Income will follow
  10. Share the Real You
  11. To Win Big in business you need to Play Big
  12. Just go for it!

These 12 TIPS keep me on track on a daily basis, my mission is clear and I am building a multi-million dollar online empire! I am a work in progress, I’m not looking left or right and I have laser focus on where I am heading! One step in front of the other, not concerned about what the staircase looks like, just keeping on moving.

Do you want to hear more about these 12 Tips? Click the link to check out the FB Live training I did on this Blog

Back to the mission- Go from Hobbyist to CEO!!! Are you ready? Are you ready to unleash the CEO within? Your first step is to put the 12 Tips in front of you so that you can checkin with yourself on a daily basis. The 2nd step is to ask yourself, what is your mission? Then…. get to work, start moving towards that Mission, the Goals and the Promises you have made yourself!

The time is NOW ….. READY. SET. GO.

Carlee xoxo

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