The most Powerful FREE Tool to market your business!

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April 13, 2020

The most Powerful FREE Tool to market your business!

So, what is this Powerful Free Tool ? – Why it’s Social Media of course!

If this is the 1st time you are reading my blog, I want to say Welcome and Thank-You for popping in! I’m excited to have you here Rockstar.

A little bit about me….
I help women build an online brand & raise their social game to explode their online business without sacrificing their family… 💎

In this 🎬 Episode we are going to talk about how you can Social Media to market & grow your business with just 3 Simple strategies. Are you ready to get your ISH together, get visible and build a community of raving fans .

Having been in business for the past 15 years across 3 different industries and I can say hand to heart that we don’t do any other marketing other than Social Media and in particular Facebook™. With 99% of our activity is free, meaning we don’t pay for any advertising. Now, rewind the clock back 15 years ago when we first ventured into the business world, this wasn’t always the case … we tried paid advertising in newspapers and phone books and even google but Social Media wipes the floors with all of those. Which is why I am so passionate about helping Women raise their Social Game so that they can grow their business around their family without costing them an arm or leg.

So now you know what the Powerful Tool is, I am sure you would agree that it is more important to understand how to use it. 

Before we dive into it, I need to confess …. I did tell you a little porky! I told you that Social Media is FREE and yes it is free to use, no you don’t need to dive into paid advertising if you don’t want too or don’t understand it but it does require some time to be spent on it…. that is your investment. 

With that said, I would love to share with you 3 Strategies you can use Social Media, in particular Facebook™ to grow your business. 
Are you cool with that?

I hear you …. “Give me the 3 Strategies

  1. Business Page
  2. Groups
  3. Build your friend list

The goal of these 3 strategies is to help you build a community of raving fans, become an expert in your industry and build a bigger network.


If you don’t have one already it’s time to set up a Business Facebook™ Page! It doesn’t matter if you are the business, your page will be your name or alternatively if you have a registered business name you would name the page accordingly.

Why do this? On your Facebook™ Business Page you are representing your business and branding your page accordingly. Though it isn’t a place to just sell, sell, sell, it is a place to add loads of free value and showcase your personality.

Now Facebook™ do love to make you pay for advertising your business page however it isn’t a necessity and honestly I don’t recommend you going down that road because if you just throw money at ads without having a solid knowledge of it, you will waste it… that isn’t the goal here.

How do you use the page? Post daily, go live on video, add value to your audience, share your page with your friends, ask your clients to like the page and more importantly ask them to give you a review.


Groups are a great place to establish yourself as an expert, to attract a new audience & get referrals. Okay, I can hear your mind ticking over ….

With one of our businesses, the Automotive Service Centre, we gain anywhere from 10-30 organic referrals through community Facebook™ Groups and from that most of them convert to clients because they check us out on our business page! They see the free value we put out to the world and more importantly the reviews that our raving fans have left for us.

With some of the groups that you become a member of they will allow you to self promote on particular days of the week or share some value … make the most of that day and time and don’t always be plugging a sale!

Put value out into the Social Media World without expectation and watch it deliver back to you 10x fold.


Facebook ™ and other Social Media Platforms aren’t just about keeping up with your family and friends it’s all about being Social and also Networking. Lastly, don’t neglect your personal profile, build your friend list by connecting with your humans. These are people that you could see yourself connecting with on a business and personal level. Make sure you consistently add value and content, your audience wants to get to know you, the real you! Your humour, your drive, the things you are passionate about and they want to see where you are going, what you are doing.

There you have it, 3 Strategies that if implemented will see you grow and expand in your business like never before. Remember this though, there is no need for you to be a Spamela-Pamela or a Salesly-Scott, people see right through that type of content and are honestly not interested. They want to see Value, free Value and they want to get to know, like and trust you before they buy!

Imagine having a network of Raving Fans that engage with you, recommend you and buy from you! Guess what, with a little time and effort that is exactly what is around the corner for you and your business.

It’s time to get your Social Media ISH together, get off the scroll and start using your Facebook™ intentionally. If this has peaked your attention and you want more- why not join my free Private VIP Group

Let’s make magic happen!

Carlee xoxo

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