Want your Business to Stand out from the Crowd?

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March 31, 2020
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April 13, 2020

Want your Business to Stand out from the Crowd?

In a world that is going CRAZY, are you wondering how you & your Business can Stand out from the Crowd?

If this is the 1st time you are reading my blog, I want to say Welcome and Thank-You for popping in! I’m excited to have you here Rockstar.

A little bit about me….
I help women build an online brand & raise their social game to explode their online business without sacrificing their family… 💎

In this 🎬Episode we are going to talk about how you can not survive but thrive in business.

Business is not easy by any stretch of the imagination, it takes a gutsy effort from an out of the box, progressive thinker. Especially if you are in business to do more than just have a job…

I can see you my friend, you know I’m talking to you ❤ You are all of this and more

  • Gutsy and bold
  • An out of the box thinker
  • Progressive
  • In business to succeed

Yes, being a business owner will be the hardest job you’ll ever have but it will also be the most rewarding thing you will ever do.

So let’s embrace it and Stand out from the Crowd!

✨ Deliver an Extraordinary Service

This is the 1st thing because it is the most important, as the quote goes “People won’t remember what you did but they will remember how you made them feel!
So, if you don’t provide them with an extraordinary service for their entire visit guess what? Not only will they never come back but they will tell all of their friends about it too….
How do you provide an amazing service to your clients?

  • Make them feel like a person not a number on your profit & loss. Without clients there are no numbers on your profit & loss
  • Get to know your clients, their families, their likes & dislikes
  • Have real conversations with your clients and make sure to compliment them too
  • Solve their problem! It’s about the customer, not about you… Every product is a solution to a problem, what is yours?

✨ Do Business Differently than your Competitors

Competitors are always going to exist, but avoid putting all of your energy into focusing on them, its just a complete waste of your time and energy.
Remember: “The only person you should be competing against is the person you were yesterday!
With that said, be aware of what other businesses in your industry are offering and work out your point of difference!
Ask yourself this question “What makes people what to come to your business for the products & services you have on offer, over your competitors”
That my friend is what you will focus on!

✨ Create a Memorable Business Culture

Just like so much else in business the culture starts with you Boss!
The next part to culture is building the right culture into your team, as we spend a quarter of our week at work (that is a minimum) so make the work place an enjoyable place to work. No one wants to hate their job or walk on egg shells every time they come through the door …. right?!?!?
That culture that you bring to the table Boss and build into your Team will then spill out all over your clients ….
Finally, make your clients feel apart of your culture! You can do this just when they visit your work place, through newsletters or every fun events like morning teas or sausage sizzles.

✨ Get your Business Social

OMG this is Key!
Get your business on Social Media my friend, and no I don’t mean – set up a facebook page and sell the shit out of your products and services!
I mean

  1. Provide FREE value surrounding your products and services
  2. Random promotions
  3. Competitions
  4. Share the personal side of YOU, for example, what do you like to do when you aren’t at work?
  5. Introduce your team
  6. Collaborate with other business, that compliment what you do
  7. Celebrate customers

FYI- If you want to get social or you want to raise your social game, I’ve got you! Download my FREE Fun Sheet ⬇

A star does not compete with other stars around it.
It just shines!

It ain’t going to be easy to Stand out from the Crowd ….. but it sure is simple! My philosophy is – choose your hard. Be in business to battle and barely survive or be in business to win and succeed.
Are you ready for me to knock your socks off? Both require effort…. so you choose. What’s it going to be?

Let’s make magic happen!

Carlee xoxo

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