Stop Getting Ready and Just Start!

Do you ever feel like your life is just a series of ‘Getting Ready Mode’ and you never start? 

This relates to everything from: Goals and Promises you set, New Business, New Projects, Housework, Mom Work, Wife Work…. you get my gist 

There comes a point when you either have to pull the trigger or you miss out completely (in some cases) and then there are other cases where you either jump in and get it done or you leave it and you end up crazy stressed. 

This is actually a trait of perfectionism. So you are waiting for the perfect moment or the perfect amount of research completed or all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed! Sound familiar, I know there have been times in my life I have been stuck in this mode. The thing is Perfectionism is the mother of procrastination and procrastination is a bad habit that won’t serve you and anyone else… 

On a personal note and one of very recent times I was stuck in that ‘Getting Ready Mode’ regarding getting my tax completed, now look I am normally the business woman that has all of her paperwork in by August and by September it is finished by the accountants and we have the verdict of our position in our companies, with our properties and of course with the worst – the Tax. But for some reason this year has been different I have only just in January submitted my paperwork. Looking back, I had an attitude this years which was, I don’t care! Now look it isn’t detrimental that I have only just lodged my paperwork, as it will be completed prior to any deadlines however that isn’t me! I am an action taker, I get my ISH done long before I have to worry about perfectionism or procrastination kicking in! It just isn’t me… 

The point of my story is don’t be hard on yourself, just be mindful and put strategies in place to ensure that this isn’t your default mode! 

Now back on track, our mind is a funny thing, give it a chance and it will talk you out of anything that you are unsure of, that you are fearful of or the things that are new and foreign. So moving forward let the power be with YOU! The power of ‘Action Taking Mode’ rather than ‘Getting Ready Mode’

I would like to help you get into Action Taking Mode right here, right now! Are you ready?

  • Strategy #1 Just Decide! Make the decision and be done with it! Make the booking and follow through! Map out the Pro’s and Con’s and Decide
  • Strategy #2 Embrace the Nerves & Excitement ! The line between nerves and excitement is so fine you often won’t know the difference, therefore if it’s not life threatening then embrace it
  • Strategy #3 – 5-4-3-2-1-   Thank you Mel Robbins! If you don’t know who Mel Robbins is, check out her 5-4-3-2-1- strategy here! As you are feeling yourself in ‘Getting Ready Mode’ count 5-4-3-2-1 and move into ‘Action Taking Mode’

Rockstar! I am talking to you! You were made for more, but in order to achieve more you need to get into Action Taking Mode…. NOW is your Time! 

Carlee xoxo

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