The 7 Step Roadmap to getting your Business Online!

Are you wondering how and why is it so important to get your business online? 

Looking for a way to Build your Brand, Gain more Credibility & Attract more Customers?

If you are anything like me there was a moment in time when you said ‘There is no way I am jumping on the Social Media Train’. I honestly laugh sometimes when I think back to when I 1st heard about Facebook, I said not only to myself and out loud that there was no way I was going to be on Facebook…. Now look, I am on Facebook, Ig, Youtube, & LinkedIn. I am not a hypocrite I just didn’t understand Social Media, the power of it or that it isn’t just about what we eat and drink but rather than the socialising and brand building and so much more. It’s a place to be educated, to grow and to learn. 

Today, I can sit here with my hand on my heart and say that our businesses wouldn’t look anything like they do without using Social Media and the online world as a powerful marketing tool and socialising tool. 

Lets get started with some cool stats: 

  • In January 2020 there was almost 4.54 billion people online which is over 59% of the population. 
  • If we look at it in moments or minutes you are looking at 114 million users online. 

Isn’t that amazing! Honestly though I am as surprised as you are….  though this just enforces why Social Media is such a powerful tool when it comes to business! Not only does it allow you to build a brand, gain more credibility & attract more customers but it allows you to socialise, get to know people and also allow others to getting to know you better. This isn’t possible with old school marketing strategies

Now, let’s dig deep and talk about the how! 

It’s time to get online, I want to share with you 7 Steps that make up the Roadmap to getting you online…

  1. What are your business hours? If you have a bricks and mortar business then you probably already have your business hours mapped out, however if you are in a home-based business then its highly possible you haven’t actually mapped out your business hours, as you just fit it in around everything else. Let’s get intentional with our businesses and this starts with mapping out your business hours and then I want to take it one step further, break up your business hours as per this little equation to ensure you are intentional as you explode your online business- Where you spend your time matters so here is a simple sum that can help 80% income producing, 20% team & content!
  2. Identify your Brand- Your brand is YOU, it isn’t your company! With that said, what makes up a part of your brand? Colours, Logo, Mission Statement & your message to the world. This may be your biggest stumbling block, the time when you procrastinate but pleaaaasseeee avoid that. It is time to peel the layers off and make this discovery as it will provide you with clarity and also save you time moving forward.
  3. Value- The Value you add to your Social Media Networks comes down to your passions! Despite what you may think, adding value doesn’t come in the form of selling your product and services every time you post. Use your passions to add value and educate your networks. There is no wrong answer here- business, health living, personal development, mindset, home, kids, fitness … you get my gist! Like Step 2, just pull the trigger your brand and the value you offer will evolve
  4. What does your Content look like- Is it Text, Stories, Posts, Graphics, Videos, Blogs? My biggest tip is to use all aspects of the social media platforms you use. Why? Because the platform will love you for using their entire platforms.
  5. What Platform / Platforms are you going to use- In contrary to popular belief, the more the better. WHY? Because we don’t own social media platforms, what happens if you go to facebook jail, or if they shut down your YouTube channel? So the question is how many platforms can you manage in the time you have allocated? Making sure you do them well, there is no half ass in this Social Media world ….
  6. Add Email- Despite what you may think Email Marketing isn’t dead, and better than that is that you own your list. Email Marketing is just another way connect and stay connected with your network. Get creative on ways to invite your network to join your mailing list… (stay tuned for future training on this)
  7. Consistency- Consistency is the key with Social Media, what you do daily matters. Map out a weekly DMO that you stay true too, these are your not negotiable’s. Keep in mind that every day or week that you drop the ball you start back at Day 1… ask yourself in that moment when you are not wanting to show up ‘if I don’t show up today, tomorrow is Day 1’ how do you feel in that moment?

Is today the day? The day you get your business online?  Maybe you are still lacking some clarity? 

The biggest stumbling block on this journey, is figuring out your brand! If you can relate, I can help you with a worksheet that will help you uncover your Brand…. Drop the word BRAND below or click the link below to get it delivered to your inbox.

Rockstar! I am talking to you! I look forward to seeing you online …. NOW is your Time! 

Carlee xoxo

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    1. Carlee says:

      Thank-You so much! I appreciate your support and feedback!

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