What are you Tolerating?

  • Bad Job
  • Debt piling up
  • Loveless Relationship
  • Crappy friends
  • Feeling Unfulfilled 
  • Unfit lifestyle
  • Health wavering 
  • Zero Fun

Life is just one big Roller Coaster, the question is: Are you enjoying it or tolerating it?

It’s impossible to move forward if we don’t clear some of the noise in our lives… Do you have a BIG dream in your heart, a dream of bigger and better things, a dream of impacting the globe? It would be near impossible to achieve any of that with all the noise. 

Though is it even possible to clear the noise? Absolutely

You are currently at a fork in the road, you need to decide what life looks like moving forward. What are you going to tolerate and what you are going to put a stop to tolerating???? So that you can move forward in life, tackle those BIG Dreams in your heart.

Think about it the same as climbing a mountain!  When you start the climb you are the bottom, it looks big, daunting, self doubt starts coming in, the negative self talk, blood sweat and tears!  BUT when you get there, you feel accomplished, you feel energised, you take in an amazing view……


Well that is the exact same feeling and emotions you will get as you are about to tackle the noise in your life. The idiot in your head is going to tell you to STOP! Stop feeling like you deserve more, thinking that you could possibly find a job you love, dreaming of the feeling of fulfilment but most of STOP feeling like you are enough!

Guess what, you are enough and you are worth it! The question is actually are you going to be COURAGEOUS, UNSTOPPABLE & BE AUTHENTICALLY YOU in your pursuit to achieving it.

What strategies can eradicate the noise?

  1. Take a Birds eye view of your life in all different aspects- Health, Career/Business, Fun, Growth, Finances, Relationships, Spiritual! Assess it for what it is right now, in the present moment. What is working well, what is not! What aspects of your life are you kick goals and where are you missing the target. Dig deep, if you can’t be honest with yourself, who can you be honest with?!?!?
  2. Now hone in on the aspects of your live that aren’t moving in the direct you are wanting to go. Think of these aspects as if they are on life support and you need to give them a jump start. Maybe you are tolerating things that you shouldn’t be, may you are at fault or maybe there are other players in the mix… identify this also
  3. What changes can you make in those aspects that can see you clear the noise and move forward to achieving those BIG Dreams and Goals? This is the part that hurts you are nearing the peak of the mountain, this is like the final burn… Write down all the changes that need to follow and who you need to talk to about them.
  4. Lastly, implement the changes! You now need to implement all the things you wrote down in Strategy #3, implement the things you can, speak to those that are involved and make a plan with them, apply for the jobs, build a business, build that loving relationship, pay the debt, eat health, get to the gym…. You get my gist! This is so detrimental as often we know what needs to change but we just tolerate and sweep it under the carpet. Why because the buck falls with us! It is up to us to change, grow and adapt!

Now Rockstar, you are in the drivers seat! What are you going to do when you approach the fork the in the road?

You deserve to get rid of the noise that isn’t serving you! You deserve to achieve your wildest dreams and you deserve to impact the world however it will require you to STEP UP and be COURAGEOUS, UNSTOPPABLE & AUTHENTICALLY YOU!

Rockstar! I am talking to you! You were made for more, but in order to achieve more you need to stop tolerating the sh*t that isn’t serving you…. NOW is your Time! 

Carlee xoxo

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