Why would you want to be apart of a Successful Team?

Alone we can do little but as a team we can do so much more- Helen Keller 

GirlBoss, are you tired of being on this business journey on your own? It’s time for you to find that TEAM! That place you belong, a TEAM of people that are going in the same direction you are heading…..

The biz world / entrepreneurial  world is not always fun, sometimes the journey is lonely. I know this feeling oh too well, having been in traditional business for over 15 years that lonely road is honestly crazy at times… feeling like the world relies on you, you are the only person that can do it, or I have to do it all. Does any of this sound familiar? Back 4 years ago, I was introduced to Social Marketing / Network Marketing and to be honest I didn’t understand it! I thought there is no way in hell I am doing one of those things… but guess what I did and fast forward 4 years am building an amazing team around the globe. The biggest draw card for me was the fact that I could build a team, we could all head towards a common goal, I could leverage my time to help thousands of women and men around the world achieve their goals…. At That point I was IN! Like Flynn as they say.  

Coming from a traditional business background it was the best decision of my life, now don’t get me wrong we still have one of our traditional businesses and we have an AMAZING TEAM. Though it is just different to the team that I build on a daily basis… through my Social Business. 

The purpose of a team is to link arms as you all move towards a common goal or to fulfil the same mission. 

Is a TEAM type of business suited to everyone? NO  Some people just think they can do it all on their own, they don’t need help from anyone, they are the best and quite frankly everyone else is either beneath them or holding them back.

The I in TEAM is often the choke hold of all businesses and by being in business just on your own you are saying no to leverage. What on earth and I talking about? Leverage of time- if you have 10 hours a week to put into your business then that is 10 hours but if you have 10 people that can put 10 hours into your business that is 100 hours. Heck, I have zero idea why you would not want to be on the business journey with others because as you bring different people together to common ground

  • You are brining different personalities 
  • Different strengths
  • Different skill sets 

Most importantly you are not alone, so at the times when you think you can’t continue on you have a TEAM that will be there pushing you to rise to the next level or inspiring you to show up when you just don’t think you can! 

So how do you build a successful team?  I have 9 TIPS that will not only help you build that successful team but also the amazing culture that comes with it

  1. Who are your ideal team mates?
  2. Remember there is no BOSS but there are leaders 
  3. Increase the frequency of your meetings- both energy wise and also the number of times you have them
  4. Set Expectations
  5. Be the example- do the do, be seen and also see everyone
  6. Be available 
  7. Work with those that want to work
  8. Love on those that are distracted by life
  9. Be generous with Recognition 

So, let me ask! Doesn’t that sounds so much more fun, building a business with a likeminded TEAM, all heading towards that common goal and looking to fulfil a similar mission.

The time is NOW ….. READY. SET. GO.

Carlee xoxo

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