It’s time to declutter, spring clean and get organised because as the famous saying goes ‘A confused mind does nothing’.

Do find yourself wondering, why am I lacking clarity and direction in life? Where has my focus gone? or maybe you are just jumping from task to task, being busy being busy? A cluttered life maybe your problem and I am here to help you.

Clutter comes in all shapes and sizes! It could be the stuff you have around home, old ideas, relationships and even bad habits. All of which will be holding you back from your future and maybe from being the best version of yourself. Let me explain. Over the span of months and years we accumulate lots of stuff, from furniture, clothes to kitchen bits and pieces. Despite no longer needing some of those things we continue to hold onto them. Just in case! The same is true for ideas that have floated in our mind, relationships and habits.

Did you know?

That this could be affecting your physical and mental wellbeing without consciously knowing. Think about it for a minute! Have you ever thought or felt like this?

  • Feelings of overwhelm
  • Wondering where to start
  • Wondering what if
  • Reminders of what has been and gone
  • One day I’ll get to that
  • What never came to fruition.

Let me ask: are you beyond the baby stage in life yet you still have baby stuff in cupboards? Or are you like me and you have clothes in your cupboard ranging in all different sizes…. eeekkkk guilty? We are all guilty of holding onto things that served us in the past knowing full well they don’t support the future. This could be for many reasons but for some the thought of springing cleaning and purging these items is in the too hard basket.

That is until today. . .

Are ready to say goodbye to the old and to get your ‘ish’ sorted, let’s Declutter your Life.

In this Episode we are going to focus on 3 Areas of your life that you can declutter in just one day:

  • Stuff around the home and office
  • Toxic Relationships
  • Bad Habits
  1. Stuff around the Home and Office
    What does this look like? You are going to walk from room to room taking everything out that you no longer need, that has zero sedimental value. Everything will get divided into 3 piles: Throw Pile, Donate Pile and Sell Pile. This process will be a challenging for some as it isn’t always easy to purge the stuff that brings back memories, things from the past. Embrace the feels and continue to move through the house.
  2. Toxic Relationships
    Your circle should be one of inspiration and encouragement but in reality not everyone in your life will. That’s okay you don’t need to walk away necessarily, you just need to limit your time with them. To determine this, ask. How do you feel when you hang around your current humans? Work out what changes you need to make with certain relationships. This is also relevant for your Social Media Friends, unfollow those that make you feel yuk or unworthy.
  3. Bad Habits
    What daily habits do you have that aren’t serving your goals? This is everything from morning & evening routines through to exercise, food, and the things you are watching or listening too

That’s it, in a nutshell this is how you can declutter your life! It’s time to grab out your calendar and lock a day that you can ‘Get it Done’ make a commitment today, your future self will thank you.

What are you waiting for?

I have a checklist to help you on this mission, jump over here to get a copy emailed directly to your inbox.
📲 Declutter Your Life Checklist

Once you complete your mission, feel free to add back into your life some things that will help your future self. For example: People, both in person and online, that will help you rise, offering support and encouragement. Habits that will see you hit your goals, like meal prep, workouts or meditation. Clothes that make you feel courageous and confident.

I believe in you, you can do this! And if you want more help to Level-Up, come over and Join our Facebook™ Community 💛

Until next time,
BE better, DO more good and CREATE the life you love to live

Carlee xoxo

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